Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unafahamu kuwa nyimbo ya ‘Nini Dhambi’ ya "Father Nelly" ndio nyimbo ya Bongo Flava inayoheshimika zaidi duniani...!

Father Nelly

Jina la Father Nelly litaendelea kukumbukwa daima nchini na wapenzi wa Hip Hop ya Tanzania. Kama ulikuwa hujui ni kwamba ngoma yake ya ‘Nini Dhambi’ ndiyo inayoheshimika zaidi na watu wasiojua Kiswahili duniani wakiwemo wamarekani! 

Licha ya raia wengi duniani walioingalia video hiyo kupitia Youtube na kushindwa kuelewa alikuwa anaimba nini, hiyo ndiyo ngoma ya
hip hop ya Kiswahili kutoka nchini Tanzania iliyopewa heshima zaidi kuliko zote unazozifahamu! Comments hizi zinaongea yote. Hakuna video ya Tanzania yenye comments nyingi za watu wa mataifa mengine kama hii.

1.‘Great song, great lyrics. this is hip hop. Simple but powerful
Love from Greece!’

2. Respect and r.i.p to this great poet. I’m novv from the us’

3. This beat is bad ass.. great song, just wish i knew what he was saying!

4. I feel ya pain my nigga!

5. I actually like this even though I don't understand the language I'd rather listen to this than the so called RAPPERS we have in the US

6. I didn't know he was murdered. I am crying.

7. This song always leaves me speechless.

8. Wow this is really good! compare the content of this song with some of the other rappers like Lil Wayne and T.I

9. Is there an instrumental version of this on the internet? If yes, where can I find it? It's epic!
Respect from Norway

10. So nice & lovely..It brings back a lot of memories
real rap real talk no bitches no money no cars this is all about this is REAL RAP.BIG RESPECT FROM USA AND ALBANIA

11. I speak full English and nothing else. I have downloaded a lot of their songs. I have mod idea what they r saying. But duz tht matter? This great music. These guys know how to rap.

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