Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wafahamu vijana wadogo wa Kili inc wanavyofanya mambo makubwa kwa kutumia camera

 Anwary Msechu

 Sudi Abdallah.

Timothy Shirima.

 Ramadhani Hamady.

 Aisha Nchwala.

 Levina Kinyaiya.

 Roghate Mafie.

 King Jofa akiwa na team ya Kili ink.

Kutoka kulia ni Kenoo wa Black MArket Music, Anwary Msechu na Sudi Abdallah.

Kutoka kulia na Anwary Msechu, Timothy Shirima na Sudi Abdallah.
 Ramadhani Mdemeka.

 Kutoka kulia ni Ramadhani, Roghate, Aisha, Levina na Ramadhani.

As an independent film production company, Kilimanjaro Inc Limited, founded in 2013 and based in Arusha Tanzania, produces and co-produces National and International features for the cinema and TV. Our aim is the production of challenging, informative and unique films of artistic value. Recent successful film for TV is the famous HIFADHI ZA TAIFA TV show – a series of weekly presentations rediscovering the natural beauty hidden uniquely in each of the 16 Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA). With an aim to promote and/or expand domestic tourist in Tanzainia, this creatively-segmented and animated TV show is screened on local television stations; Wednesdays on TBC1 and Saturdays on ITV.

Formerly, the entire team at Kili Inc led by Anwary Msechu – a film Director, produced two other successful films for TV: TUKO TAYARI (2011/2012), funded by CAUCUS for Children’s Rights (CCR) and TAZAMA TANZANIA (season 1: 2009 and season 2: 2011), funded by Tanzania Media Funds (TMF). Majority of our innovative young minds were nominated for the Excellency in Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT), 2012. Ramadhani Hamadi, our assiduous video editor went home with a trophy as the First Runners-up in the Open Category. Anwary Msechu has taken the first prize as the Best Journalist in the Environment Category in the 2013 EJAT.

We are a team passionate about visual story-telling and innovative cinematography. We offer a broad range of content producing services for multiple platforms, including television, digital and social as well as inspiring educational medial suited for public engagement campaigns.We look forward to partnering with you to create videos that will not only promote your brand, awareness, cause and mission, but will prompt your audience, funders and community to action. Our process is client-focused. Your goals, your objectives are what we listen for.

We continue to build on our reputation as a socially-responsible company and encourage our stakeholders to also help make a difference in our community and grow a more sustainable business. We are proud supporters of community development.

Our Core Values are: Listening and Responding (We engage in dialogue to create value through our relationships), Fidelity (we retain our original focus) and Stewardship (we make wise and prudent use of resources entrusted to us for safekeeping).

For us, an excellent firm doesn’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change. We’re in business to serve the needs and desires of our core customer base: because our most important stakeholder is not our stockholders, but our customers.

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